Food oasis in the OutbackFood oasis in the Outback

Food oasis in the Outback

Native inspired eats & drinks.Native inspired eats & drinks.

Native inspired eats & drinks.

Meet the creators.

Meet the creators.

In 2018, Flinders Food Co was born. Founded by Doogal and Louise, it emerged as a beacon of culinary delight in a region known more for its rugged landscapes than its dining options. Both Doogal and Louise had roots firmly planted in the country, but their adventurous spirits led them to traverse the globe, soaking in diverse cultures and cuisines. However, their hearts always longed for the warmth of home. This, armed with a deep-seated passion for native-inspired cuisine and a desire to showcase the unique tastes of the Flinders Ranges, saw them return to their roots and set out on a culinary adventure. Their cafe became a testament to their shared vision. Combining the rustic charm of the Outback with the sophistication of city-standard flair, Flinders Food Co offers more than just a meal; its become a cherished gathering place for the community, families, and tourists alike. With each dish meticulously crafted to highlight the flavours of the land, Flinders Food Co quickly gained attention far beyond its remote location. Word of mouth spread, drawing food enthusiasts from near and far to experience the magic of this culinary oasis in the Outback. As the sun sets over the Flinders Ranges, casting a golden hue over the rugged landscape, Flinders Food Co stands as a beacon of warmth and hospitality. Doogal and Louise extend a heartfelt invitation to all who seek to unwind, savor the sights, and tantalise their taste buds with the delicious offerings that await at their cozy cafe in the heart of the Central Flinders Ranges.
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66 Elder Terrace, Hawker SA
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Breakfast & Lunch Tuesday - Sunday 7.30am - 3.00pm Dinner Tuesday - Saturday 5.30pm - 8.00pm